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The Legacy of Home
Godly homemaking wisdom for a peaceful and joyous home life. Encouragement for homeschooling Mothers.

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1 My Home Sweet Home
0 38

This homeschool mom blog is proudly powered by WordPress, sweet tea, gummy bears, and bloggable moments provided by my husband and our eight children.
2 Song of My Heart
0 3

This is a journal of our homeschooling adventures and our family life. I enjoy blogging about our nature studies, music, unit studies, lesson plans, field trips, and home and school organization - Whew! Please stop by for a visit!
3 Westgate Academy
1 2

We're a family of six enjoying life and learning in this journey called homeschooling. You'll find updates on what our children are up to, and often some helps and links. Come by and visit!
4 The Country Cottage
0 2

The Country Cottage -- my blog where I share my home school and faith journal.
5 A 2nd Generation to Homeschooling
0 2
Lisa Metzger is the helpmeet to Mark, keeper of the home, 2nd Generation Homeschool Mommy to 9 blessings on earth (6 biological and 3 adopted)and 7 in Heaven!
6 See Jamie Blog
0 1

Homeschooling, parenting, home-making, adoption, & life in a blended family... all fueled by plenty of hot tea!
7 Ann'Re @ Home
0 1

I'm a wife of 13 years to my terrific hubby, homeschooling mom to my active 8 year old son (and not giving up hope for more), a big city girl moved to a small Amish town, struggling Proverbs 31 and aspiring Titus 2 woman.
8 ~there's more to this life~
0 1
We are a christian family of five living in Southern Africa.We encourage alot of singing, laughing and joyful behaviour! I guess you could call us a loud and lively bunch! I blog to remember wonderful times and to create memories of the family I have been
9 Hilltop Homeschool
0 1
A techie grandma (retired teacher) raising and homeschooling a techie, right-brained, Aspie grandson has a lot to share...about what we do, where we go, recomendations about lots of stuff that worked for us, my editorials and tips, digital scrapbooking, r
10 Lamppost Academy
0 1

Life with 3 little ones and other meanderings. We are in the beginning stages of homeschooling and live in Central Alabama. Would love you to visit!
11 Home Plate Fun
0 1
Sharing ideas of homeschooling units that we are currently studying.
12 Smooth Stones Academy
2 1

Keeping track of our exciting and challenging journey to Classically homeschool our three boys, the oldest of whom is ADHD...and trying to keep a sense of self in the middle of it all as a follower of Christ, wife and runner too!
13 Planted Oaks and Little Acorns
0 1
This is our blog of our familiy adventures and homeschooling
0 1

15 We don't call people poopyheads
0 1
We live in rural Montana in a 95 year old house. We have 6 children, 13 and under. My husband is a child psychologist and we use a lot of his parenting stuff at home. Some of it works...and some, well...doesn't. We try to share what works. =D
16 Markerboard Mom
0 1
A homeschool mom experiencing the joys of school, home, and family.
17 Permanent Things
0 1
I am a Christian homeschooler blending the principles of Traditional Classical Education with the methods of Charlotte Mason in an attempt to cultivate Wisdom and Virtue in my 3 children.
18 The HomeScholar Blog
0 1

Hi, I'm Lee Binz, The HomeScholar. My blog answers commonly asked questions about homeschooling high school.
19 Family=4 Guys and a Gal
0 1
The adventures of a Christian homeschooling family trying to live according to the Word of God.
20 The Coult Family
0 0
We're an American missionary family living, homeschooling and serving the Body of Christ in beautiful Sinaloa, Mexico. Take a peek into our lives via this online scrapbook and ministry photo-journal! Read stories of our never-ending journey to cultural a
21 Learning at His Feet
0 0

I am a wife and homeschooling mother of six children ages 7, 6, 4, 3, 1, and new baby. While God has led me to teach my children at home, I am finding that he is teaching me even more. This blog will hopefully be a reflection of what I am learning.

22 All Of A Kind
0 0
A homeschool Mom describes the ups and downs, the humor and challenges, the fun of teaching and growing her four children!
23 By Wisdom
0 0

By Wisdom is a collection of random thoughts about everything I'm learning as a homeschool mom of 3 boys, a wife, a Christian, an aspiring cook and perennial junkie.
24 The Simple Life at Home
0 0
Living, learning and laughing. My thoughts on living a life to please God, training and teaching my children and enjoying it all along the way.
25 Thoughts from S.J. Murphy
0 0
A place to share our homeschooling adventures, information, resources, files, free downloadable worksheets, and pictures. We love notebooking and lapbooking and will post pictures and info as we complete our projects
26 Welcome To Our Homeschool Adventures
0 0
Join us as we navigate our way through life as an imperfect Christian homeschholing family.
27 Bumpin Along the Road Less Traveled
0 0

Slightly-crazed but hangin-in-there homeschooling mom to 4 amazing blessings. Recently developed HSADD (Homeschool Attention Deficit Disorder) so this blog is my therapy to keep me focused on the important stuff, namely those 4 amazing blessings and the
28 Chocolate on my Cranium
0 0
With nine children our house is never dull! Come join me as I discuss topics like homeschooling, parenting, crafts, sewing, photography, and cooking all with a dose of chocolate.
29 Knowledge House Academy
0 0
A Christian homeschool where we learn through doing and live by example
30 Life on Locust Lane
0 0

I am a homeschooling mom of three who loves adventures with my children and healthy living. I love the Lord and strive to life each day in His will. My blog is a place where I share recipes, my children, what we are doing in school and daily life and thin
31 Munchkins and Music
0 0

I am a mom, a music lover, and a music educator. I write music lessons, musical reviews, and post fun musical activities and crafts to help moms teach their children to love and appreciate music.
32 Adventures at Walden's Pond
0 0
The adventures and misadventures of our family, living, loving and learning together at Walden's Pond!!
33 Strong Quiver: Blog for Ecletic Homeschoolers & Big Families
0 0

Great Homeschool RESOURCE site. Find: shopping coupons, Organization Tips, My homeschool System, Great Links to Big Families and HS Planning sites. Not to mentions great kid's links. Share your thoughts and take a few with you.
34 My God Given Mission Field
0 0
I am a christian homeschooling mom of 4. I enjoy discussing family, and our homeschooling. I also enjoy doing web and blog designs.
35 Life, As I See It
0 0

A blog about Life, as I see it; through the eyes of a wife to one wonderfully crazy husband, homeschooling mommy to three amazingly unique daughters, and child of the indescribable God.
36 This Side of Eternity
0 0
I am a frugal homeschooling mom looking to serve the King in all I do.
37 Songs From My Journey
0 0

Lessons and Lyrics from life. Devotions and lyrics based on my experiences as a homeschool, adoptive, and foster mom, and wisdom gleaned from God's word.
38 A Day in the Life
0 0
Christian Mom homeschooling two little ones. 2nd grade and preK. Sharing my homeschooling journey with others. We are more than just homeschooling we are lifeschooling.
39 Higher Up and Further In
5 0

Free plans, ideas and curriculum based upon Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy. Come visit and be inspired!
40 Being Mrs. Momma
0 0

Almost daily doses of ramblings or lists. A dash of book reviews. A dabble of lapbooks. Throw in some crafts & scrapbooking. With a side of recipes & a whole lot of fun!
41 My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving
0 0

An exploration of my ever-shifting educational paradigm.
42 Good Soil
0 0

The blog of a retired-doctor-turned-homeschooling-stay-at-home-mom. Seeking to cultivate "good soil" in my children so they will produce a wonderful harvest!
43 Giggles, Wiggles and Wonder
0 0
What an incredible experience! Teaching and learning with my high-powered six-year old son.
44 A Country Girl's Ramblings
9 0
Homeschooling 3 rough and tumble boys and 1 tomboy/princess in rural America. Come visit us as we grow and learn through our adventures.
45 A Place to Land
0 0
Christian homeschooling family values, devotionals,gardening and traveling. Family friendly blog.
46 Pink Paper Peppermints
0 0

A crafty and creative homeschooling mama shares her daily attempts at honoring the Lord Jesus, loving her husband and kids, making stuff and giving a reason for the hope that is in her.
47 2 Shining Eyes
0 0

An account of a Christian mom delving into the journey of homeschooling using a hands-on, experiential, and literature based approach.
48 Mother-wit
0 0
I am a homeschoolmom of two teenagers and surviving it. :)
0 0
A history site for homeschoolers, with news, general information about homeschooling, and information about a history curriculum for students from 2nd to 12th grade.
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